ADVOKATURA IN MACEDONIA. organization of persons performing lawyer's activity. The foundations of the Bar Association in Macedonia are set out in the Rules (Constitution) of the Macedonian Uprising Committee of 1878. This act for the first time guarantees the right of the defendant to defense and the right to a defense counsel before the court. In the period between the two world wars in Vardar region of Macedonia worked more than 160 lawyers. Among them were distinguished: Jovan Altiparmakov from Bitola, Ilija Kocarev from Ohrid, Janko Caca from Prilep, Ilija Celimanov from Strumica, Vasilie Stefanovski from Skopje and Kadri Salih from Tetovo. During the Second World War several lawyers worked, including: Grigor Anastasov, Kiril Drangov, Blagoj Pop-Pankov, Borislav Blagoev, Kiro Gligorov and Krum Organdzhiev. The third session held at 2-3. IX 1944, the ASNOM Presidium made a decision to introduce a barrister as a free profession and as part of the jurisdiction of the DFM. The 1991 Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia it determines the bar as an independent and independent public service that provides legal assistance and performs public authorizations in accordance with the law. In the period from 1. Ⅰ 1953 to 1. Ⅻ 2006 2,249 persons are registered in the Directory of Lawyers. IZV .: Lawyer in the Republic of Macedonia (1945-2005), Skopje, 2005. St. w. and Gore. L.-B. Burhan Ademi

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