LITTLE TREAT (Achilles Millefillium) – perennial medicinal greenery high 20-80 cm high, with white or pink flowers and strong smell. It is of particular importance in folk medicine. It is believed to have the most healing properties if it is picked at the time of the interdependent. It is used for digestion tea or is placed directly on a wound mixed with urine to stop bleeding. Since they used idiots for the wound dressing and healing, they received this folk appointment after them. According to folk tradition, they found this healing feature exactly. In the ointment if it is drunk, it is a drug against scroulous (scrofulous-turbid), placed in brandy (plus nine times recipes), it cures fever, and the tea cures laziness (malaise), stomach ailments and toothache. Over 50 different names have been recorded among the Slavic Balkan nations. LIT: Bogoslav Shuklek, Yugoslav directory of plants, Zagreb, 1879; Dragutin Simonovic, Botany Dictionary names biljaka, Belgrade, 1959; Va-sa Derwenji, Modern Treatment with Medicinal Herbs, Skopje, 1992, 355-357. S. Ml. Sabina Ayurula-Tozia

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