EMPLOYMENT AGENCY OF THE REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA – a service established by the Government of the SFRY (1952) that helps employment. Since 1960 turns into the State Employment Office of NRM, after which its name has been changed on several occasions. Since 2004 is transformed into the Employment Agency of the Republic of Macedonia. Organizational, the Agency is established on three levels: Central Office of the Agency in Skopje, Employment Center of the City of Skopje and 29 employment centers for the territories of one or more municipalities. Its activity is of public interest, aimed at providing services to the unemployed persons, employers and the state in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Employment and Insurance in Case of Unemployment and the provisions of the Statute of the Agency. The Agency, as it is the case with this type of institutions and other market economies, performs extremely important roles related to the functioning of the labor market. In this context, the following should be emphasized in particular: research and analysis of the labor market (analysis of the situation and changes in the domain of employment and unemployment, ie supply and demand of labor, the structure of the workforce, seek employment, develop various programs and projects for the implementation of active employment approaches and increase the flexibility of the labor market, etc.); insurance of the rights in the case of unemployment (providing legal and material assistance in case of unemployment, as well as legal and material protection related to the pension, disability and health insurance of the unemployed persons, in accordance with the domestic laws and international agreements and conventions) ; registration and records (including arranging, "cleaning" of the records of the unemployed persons), etc. More recently, the Agency is particularly focused on the promotion and implementation of active employment policies: training, qualification and retraining of the unemployed, professional orientation of students, students and unemployed persons, advice and assistance for self-employment, public works, incentives and benefits for employment of disabled persons, incentives for employers for employment of persons registered in the Agency, professional selection of unemployed persons according to the needs and demands of employers, etc. IZV .: Internal materials of the Employment Agency of the Republic of Macedonia. P. T.

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