AZERBAIJAN. – an abuser, a zulumkar during the Ottoman rule in Macedonia. Their number grew especially during the Russo-Turkish War (1877/1978), when they took part as volunteers in the Ottoman army and plundered the Macedonian settlements by the way. The Debar assemblies also looted the city of Krushevo. The folk singer cursed: "God to kill the dabbins … / what happened in the azizia / after that river Radika, / after those villages of the ryskan, / old and young rings …". LIT: Collection of Macedonian folk songs. Edited by Blaze Koneski, Skopje, 1945, 324; Macedonian folk songs, collected from the festivals in Bitola and Stip on October 11, 1947. Edited Vasil Iljoski, Skopje, 1948, 37; Trajan Nikodinoski, Folk Songs from Ohrid, Ohrid, 1974, 142. Ml.

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