AJGA – the first capital of the Macedonian kings of the Argeadi dynasty, located in the day. with. Palatine, in the vicinity of Ber (Berchhoea). The site is confirmed with the latest archaeological finds of the royal necropolis in Vergina (Kutlesh) near Ber (Royal House members are buried here after the transfer of the capital to Pella). Ayga is LIT: Justinian, Historiarum Phylippisarum; Edge Trigo Pompeio, Lib. JLIV, PARISIUS MDCCZZDZIII; N. L. Mr. Hammond, Histoire of Macdonia I, Odgord, 1971; M. Andronikos, Vergina, The Rosewood Tombs and Ancients Citts, Athena, 1984; Justin, Philip's history. Prev. Lj. Basotova, Skopje, 2000. A. Shuk.

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