AVVOVIC, Alija (village of Sindjelic, Skopsko, 1912 – Banjica camp, September 1941) – communist clerk. He finished elementary school in his native village and madrasa in Skopje, where he joined the progressive youth movement. As a student at the Faculty of Philosophy in Skopje and a member of the progressive student movement, he was persecuted by the Serbian police and was arrested (in late 1934) in a party failure and convicted as a communist under the State Protection Act. He was serving his sentence in the prison in Sremska Mitrovica, where he gained a rich revolutionary experience. After leaving the prison, due to his health, he stayed for some time in a hospital and sanatorium, but continued with the communist activity in his native village and surrounding area. In Singjelic he formed a group of activists (1939), engaged in the village self-help and in the People's Aid for the participants in the workers' strikes in Skopje. After the fascist occupation, due to anti-fascist activity he was arrested (6th Ⅷ 1941), conducted at the Banjica camp and with a group of prisoners shot by Gestapo. Before the shooting, he saved several prisoners from being returned from the shooting range when he asked the Gestapo separatists to answer the communists: "There are no other communists here besides Boro Todorovic and myself." LIT: They were killed, they remained, Skopje, 1969, 23; Tiho Miloshevski, Memories of the National Liberation War, Archive of Skopje, 1975, 10; Krsto Zdravkovski, Let's not forget, Skopje, 1982, 65-66. S. Ml.

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