AVRAMOVSKI, Risto (village Selce, Struga, 20. Ⅷ 1943 – Skopje, 8. Ⅶ 2007) – composer. He studied composition in Skopje (Vlastimir Nikolovski) and in Belgrade (Enrico Joseph). One of the most prominent Macedonian composers in the last three decades. He is the author of over 100 works from all musical genres. He also wrote film music, music for theater plays as well as radio and television series. He also dealt with journalism, publishing professional texts and musical reviews. His work arises mainly from the spiritual spaces of Macedonia. His musical language is moderate and the author almost did not engage in experiments, typical of the music of the second half of ⅩⅩ v. Acts of A. have been performed in many countries in the world, and most of them are recorded in the Music Production of MRT. He is a member of the Union of Composers of Macedonia, on several occasions his president and secretary. For many years he led the Days of Macedonian Music, and he was the President of the Board of Directors at the Ohrid Summer Festival. In 2006 is elected as a regular member of MANU.

Works: Bibliophonia, for the Sophony Orchestra (1970); Psychophony Ⅰ (1972) and Psychophony Ⅱ (1974) for chamber orchestra; Concerto for piano and orchestra (1990); 8 symphonies; Oratorium: Macedonia, 1968; Povesnitsa, 1977; two operas: Bolen Dojcin (1982), Lidija from Macedonia (2001); orchestral compositions (Harmosin – The Cursed Byzantinect (2002), etc.); Tuba for peace, for voice and orchestra (2005); Balkan Ski Requiem (2005). M. Col.

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