AVRAMI, Mesapsa

AVRAMI, Mesapsa (ⅩⅤⅠⅠ v.) – Ohrid Archbishop (1629-1634). On March 6, 1631 he received the certificate from the Holy Bishop's Synod of the Ohrid Church to collect charity. He stayed in Venice and Rome, and through France, the Netherlands, England, he arrived in Russia. From the Emperor Michael Teodorovich and Patriarch Filaret Niketech he was given the right (to receive) the charity. After his stay in Russia, he again went to western Europe and collected a pittance there to save the Ohrid cathedral church "The Introduction of the Virgin Mary" not to be converted into a mosque. For the ransom he gave 25,000 gold coins. IZV. ИЛИТ: ЦГАДА, ф .: 52, op. 1, d. 8, ll. 1-55; I. Snegar, History ® of the Ohrid Archbishopric-Patriarch®, Ⅱ, Sophie®, 1995. Al. Tr.

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