AUTONOMY (Sofia, 10. Ⅴ 1898 – 23. Ⅹ 1899 and 7. Ⅻ 1901 – 30. Ⅲ 1902) – Macedonian newspaper. In the subtitle, he first declared himself to be the organ of the political interests of the Christian population in Turkey (No. 1-5), then as an independent body of the Macedonian interests (No. 6-19), as a body of the political interests of the Macedonian population in Turkey (no. 20-24) and again as the first subtitle. The first issue was printed in Ivan P.'s printing house. Daskalov, and later changed eight more printers. Editor in Chief was D. Mr. Chokhadziev, then St. Ivanov, A. S. Vasilev, Ivan Stojmenov, Ivan Nedev, Todor Arsov and A. K. Chkarov. He went out every Saturday. A total of 54 numbers have been published. He published articles of political character and correspondence from all over Macedonia on the situation of the population. In addition, the poem by Rajko Zinzifov "Bloody shirt" is published. Also contains articles in French. LIT: Dr. Boro Mokrov, The Development of the Macedonian Press and Journalism (from the first beginnings until 1945), Skopje, 1980, 179-181; Dr. Boro Mokrov – M.Sc. Tome Gruevski, Review of the Macedonian Press (1885-1992), Skopje, 1993. Ml.

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