AUTONOMOUS MACEDONIA (Sofia, 1. Ⅻ 1920 – 26. Ⅰ 1923) – newspaper, organ of the Macedonian emigration to Bulgaria, and number 53 (15. Ⅻ 1921) organ of the Macedonian federation emigration in Bulgaria. He went out once a week, in Bulgarian. The first issue was printed in the printing house of c. "Right", in a circulation of 2,500 copies, and later in three other printers. Editors were Ivan Snegorov and Vladislav (Slavcho) Kovachev. A total of 97 numbers have been published. He aimed to unite Macedonian immigrants and create a strong political organization that would again raise the Macedonian issue and resolve it peacefully. LIT: Dr. Boro Mokrov, The Development of the Macedonian Press and Journalism (from the first beginnings until 1945), Skopje, 1980, 309-312; Dr Boro Mokrov – M.Sc. Tome Gruevski, Review of the Macedonian Press (1885-1992), Skopje, 1993, 30-31. S. Ml. Highway Skopje & Tetovo

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