"AUTONOMY Sofia, 1-16. Ⅷ 1903, Art. st.) – a border newspaper of the Internal Macedonian-Odrin Revolutionary Organization. He went out in Bulgarian and French. He was printed in the printing house of Georgi A. Nozharov, announced that every Saturday will come out, but only three issues came out. The editor of the first issue has the title "Before the Revolution", saying: "Before the fateful events that take place in our homeland we will not talk. We leave at the events themselves to speak. If today the Organization decides to come up with its own front-page list, it does so to bring to the world the demands of the population struggling and protect its work from those who want to slander it. "In the same French first language published by "WMORO Declaration", signed by the Bulgarian border officials, Dr. Hristo Tatarchev and Hristo Matov. The second issue of August 5 (article) announces: "The draw is thrown, the fight started. On July 20, at 3:00 pm, in accordance with the decision of the Central Revolutionary Committee, the actions started in the entire Bitola Vilayet … President of the Bitola Uprising Headquarters is Dame Gruev, and members are: Pere Toshev, Boris Sarafov and A. Lozanchev … "The third and last issue of August 16 is filled with testimonies of the course of the Ilinden Uprising. LIT: Dr. Boro Mokrov – MA Tome Gruevski, Review of the Macedonian Press (1885-1992), Skopje, 1993, 29-30. S. Ml. First page of c. "Autonomous Macedonia" (1905)

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