Autochthonous Flowers

AUTOCHOTIC FLOWERS (ENDEMICAL, RELIGIOUS, CAUSED) – Ornamental, green, gravel and semi-germicular plants that are native and originate naturally in the area of ​​Macedonia (Astragalus pchsocaltz, Astragalus cernavskyi, Tsolchitsum masononinum, Potentilla doerflerri, Ranunculus degen , Osmund regalis, Salvia jurisdictions, Silene paenionissis, Asplenium macedonium, Chrocus zwiici, Chrocus pylistericus, Drosera rotundifolia, Tchmumus ochemianus, Tulipa mariannae, Viola arsenica, Viola alchariansis, etc.). Often they are endemic or relict species, some are included in the lists of endangered species. They are of particular importance for biodiversity, such as gene pools for scientific research, in breeding activities and as potential species for landscape shaping and arrangement. LIT: Study of nature protection, Institute for Nature Conservation, Skopje, 1988. H. P.

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