AUGUST GAY JULIY CEZAR OTTAVIAN (64 AD – 14 AD) – Roman Emperor (27 BC – 14 CE), grandson of Julius Caesar and his successor. He founded the Second Triumvirate (43) with Antony and Lepid and became the only ruler in the Roman state after the Battle of Aczius (31). At 27 The Senate gave him the title August ("sublime"). He took all the republican powers, and in the Senate was a prince (first), the Roman state turned from a republic into a monarchy. That arrangement was called a principle. The rule of Avgust is considered to be the holiest period in Roman history. After his death he was famous as a deity. LIT: A.HM. Iones, Augustus, London 1970; A. Massy, ​​Augustus, London, 1987. Adj. Alija Avdovic

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