ANTIPATAR (398-319 BC) – one of the diasporas that govern the kingdom after the death of Alexander Ⅲ Macedonian, founder of the Antipatridis dynasty, which rules in Macedonia at the end of Ⅳ and post. on Ⅲ in. BC He was a prominent military leader and diplomat back in the days of Philip II; in the time of Alexander the Great, he was named "strategist of Europe"; has a large army to control the territory of the Hellenes; suffocates the uprising of Peloponnese (323-322). He writes his activities in two parts: the epistolographic record, correspondence with the Athens rhetoric Isocrates, and the Illyrian War. LIT: Arian, Histoire of the Alejandra and Indica, 2 Wales., Harvard University Press, 1960; F. Papazoglu, History of the Hellenic period, Skopje, 1995. A. Shuk.

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