Antigonides (277-168 BC) – the second Macedonian dynasty rulers. Founder is Antigon Gonat (277-239); the following rulers are: Demetrius Ⅱ (239-229), Antigonus Dawson (229-222 / 1), Philip Ⅴ (221-179) and Perseus (179-168), the last ruler in Macedonia who, together with Philip C, leads Macedonian-Roman wars. In their time, the arrangement of the state is a traditional monarchy, as in the time of Philip II. LIT: Polzbius, The Historias, 6 vols. Harvard University Press, 1960; NJ. Tarn, Antigon Gonatas, Odegford, 1913; History of the Macedonian people, 1, Skopje, 2000 A. Shuk.

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