Antigon Ⅲ Dawson, coin, obverse / reverse

ANTIGON Ⅲ Dason (229-221 BCE) – the third Macedonian ruler of the Antigonidy dynasty, a great military strategist and diplomat. In the beginning he reigns as the regent of the eight-year-old son of Antigonus Gonath, Philip V. He was declared a legitimate king after marrying Philip's mother and stealing the young king. It strengthens the borders of Macedonia, re-establishes Macedonian power in Thessaly and restores its domination in the Balkans. In the military campaign of Peloponnese conquered Corinth, Argos, and others. towns and fortresses in Arcadia and Aitolia, which establishes the re-dominance of Macedonia over Hellenic polis. After the victory over the Illyrians in Upper Macedonia, he died of tuberculosis. LIT: Polsbius, The Historias, 6 vols., Harvard University Press, 1960; B. Hells, Gonnoli, Amsterdam, 1973; History of the Macedonian people, 1, Skopje, 2000 A. Shuk.

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