Delegates of the First Session of ASNOM (monastery "St. Prohor Pchinski", 2nd Ⅷ 1944)

ANTIFASISTIC ASSEMBLY OF THE PEOPLE'S EARLATION OF MACEDONIA (St. Prohor Pchinski Monastery, 2. Ⅷ 1944 – Skopje, 28-30. Ⅻ 1944; 14-16. Ⅳ 1945) – supreme representative and executive body, the highest authority of state power DF Macedonia. Over 60 delegates participated in the Assembly. The meeting began in the evening on August 2, 1944. and was opened by the oldest delegate Panko Brasnarov. In addition to the Report on the work of the EB, two references were submitted: "The fight against the occupier" – political assessments of the course of the struggle, its liberation goal and the creation of the Macedonian state, and "the People's Democratic Government in Macedonia – its essence and tasks" – more specific views on the formation of the new government and views on the future constitutional development of Macedonia. Following the adoption of the abstracts, nine documents were adopted (Decisions, Declaration also held Delegates of the First Session of ASNOM (St. Prohor Pchinski Monastery, 2 Ⅷ 1944) elected Metodija Andonov-Chento, Vice Presidents Panko Brasnarov and Emmanuel Chuchkov , and for the secretaries Ljubomir Arsov and Dr. Vladimir Polezhinoski.The Presidium of ASNOM simultaneously carried out the legislative and executive function. The second session of ASNOM was held on December 28-30, 1944 in Skopje, in the conditions of the liberated country. known as First in in a session, because of the Rules of Procedure, which are usually performed by two groups of three singers. When singing a dance or a crop, they facilitate singing, singing in two groups, but at the same time they get drunk, so that every sung LITTLE: Mihailo Dimoski, the Orthodox tradition in the village of Injevo (Radovishko), Library of the journal "Macedonian folklore", Skopje, 1974, 20. FROM THE FIRST GROUP, immediately assumes the second group, which literally repeats its overall melopopic content. . M. F.

The hall where the First Session of ASNOM was held (2nd Ⅷ 1944)

Ruling, Rules of Procedure, etc.), which at the session gave him the character of a state-constitutional assembly. In that sense, the Decision for approving the decisions, decisions, other documents and activities undertaken by the EB and GH to ASNOM and the ASNOM Decision for supreme, legislative and executive national representative body and the highest state government body in the Democratic Federal Macedonia are of particular importance.

The Decision and the Manifesto of the First ASNOM Meeting

The first decision confirmed the continuity of the fight, and the second determined the highest state organs. With the Declaration on the Fundamental Rights of Man and Citizen, DFM guaranteed the democratic rights of citizens, regardless of their religious and national affiliation, including the right to private property. A document of state, historical and political significance is the decision to introduce the Macedonian language for an official language in the Macedonian state, on the basis of which began activities for determining the Macedonian alphabet and orthography. Other documents were also enacted, for example, the decision to declare on August 2 for a national and national holiday in Macedonia, a decision to express appreciation to the Macedonian army, etc. significant acts. The meeting elected the Presidium (Presidency) of ASNOM of 22 members. The presidium of its composition appointed trustees for individual departments. As President of the Presidium, Delegates at the Second Session of ASNOM (Skopje, 28-30 May 1944), the ASNOM's last meeting was called for 6 months, but, in its essence, it was a regular meeting. He reviewed the results of the work of the attorneys and other authorities, and agreed on the tasks for the future work. The third ASNOM meeting was held on 14-16 April 1945. By law it was transformed into the National Assembly of Macedonia, and after the election of the Government, the Presidium of the National Assembly of Macedonia was elected, but with significantly reduced functions. Metodija Andonov-Chento was elected president of the Presidium of the National Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia, who held office until March 1946. SOURCE: ASNOM. Documents from the work of the Presidium of ASNOM between the Second and Third Sessions and the Third ASNOM Meeting, And, Kn. 3, election and editorial staff Dr Novica Veljanovski, Skopje, 1987; ASNOM. Documents, t. And, Kn. 4, Skopje, 1994; t. And, Kn. 5, Skopje, 1994; ie, Kn. 6, Skopje, 2001. LIT: Dr. Novica Veljanovski, ASNOM. National Dimension, Skopje, 1994; ASNOM. Cultural Reflections, Skopje, 2004. N. V.

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