Tito's speech at the Second Session of AVNOJ (28th and 29th XI 1943)

ANTIFASISTIC ASSEMBLY (EVERYTHING) OF THE PEOPLE'S EARLATION OF JUGOSLAVIA (Bihac, 26-27 XI 1942 – Egg, 28-29 XI 1943) – Political representation body of the Yugoslav peoples. The first session was held at the initiative of Josip Broz Tito, commander of the Supreme Headquarters of NOV and POJ and Secretary of the CPY, in order to pre-condition the restoration and future regulation of Yugoslavia. It was held without the participation of representatives from Macedonia and Slovenia. For Macedonia there was no meaning. However, without the participation of representatives from Macedonia, it stopped the continuity with the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, in which the existence of the Macedonian people was not recognized. The Assembly adopted a Declaration in which the interests of the future Macedonian state were partially represented. He made decisions by which the highest state organs were constituted and determined the state order: the constitution of the Alaskan Yugoslavia as a federal state composed of six republics and five nations. Macedonia was declared a constituent member of the Yugoslav federation. Dimitar Vlahov and Vladimir Popomov, who did not accept the post, were nominated for the vice-presidents of AVNOJ. The decisions of the Second Meeting of AVNOJ in a sense served as a basis for the constitution of Macedonia as a separate state in the Yugoslav federation, with limited sovereignty. LIT: Dr Novica Veljanovski, ASNOM State-Building Dimension, Skopje, 1994; Dr. Mihailo Minoski, Aviv Yugoslavia and the Macedonian national question
1943-1946, Skopje, 2000; Dr. Branko Petranovic, AVNOJ – revolutionary change of power 19421945, Belgrade, 1976. V.

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