ANTIC CHEMISTRY IN MACEDONIA – as a teaching subject in Macedonia started in 1948 The first lecturer at the Department of Chemistry at the Faculty of Philosophy was Dr. Krsto Stavric, who organized and equipped the first laboratories for qualitative and quantitative chemical analysis. Since 1960 Teaching in Analytical Chemistry is regularly performed at the Technological Department of the Technical Faculty (later TMF), and later at the Faculty of Pharmacy. The first scientific areas were: the analysis of microelements in the waters and tobacco from Macedonia, the preparation and application of ionoselective electrodes and interferometric methods for analysis. Spectrophotometric methods applied L. Klisarova, A. Nikolovski, I. Spirevska, L. shopping, and quantitative tests of trace elements by applying atomic absorption and emission spectrometry were performed by T. Stafilov and K. Chundeva. From electrochemical methods, polarography and square wave voltammetry have the greatest tradition. More recently, high-performance liquid chromatography is also a topical issue. Practically important analyzes are carried out in the Institute for Health Protection. LIT: Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics – Skopje, 1946-1996, Skopje, 1996, 217; 60 years Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics – Skopje, Skopje, 2006, 193. B. w.

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