ANTI – a group of Slavic tribes, the main ancestors of the eastern Slavs. The name is not Slavic. From the beginning of the Ⅵ century, alone or together with the Slavs, they began to attack Byzantium. In Ⅵ. there were no major differences between the Anthees and the Slavs. They describe the sources together and assign them common language, beliefs and customs. About 560 were subdued by the Avars. Then, they made an alliance with Byzantium. The last time in the sources is mentioned in 602, when the Avars sent troops against them. LIT: B. A. Rybakov, Anti and Kyiv Rus, "Herald of Ancient History", 1, Moscow, 1939; П.Н. Tretyakov, East Slavic tribes, Moscow, 1953. Adj.

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