Monument to Ilija Antevski-Smok in Skopje

ANTEVSKI-SIMK, Ilija (Tetovo, 25. Ⅶ 1919 – Tirana, 16. Ⅴ 1943) – member of the advanced student and communist movement. He was employed in the monopoly in Tetovo, an associate student at the Faculty of Law in Bel-city (1939), a member of the CPY and the MK (1941) and an instructor of the CPY District Committee for the Monument of Ilija Antevski-Smok in Skopje Macedonia under Italian occupation. As political commissar of the Mavrovo NPO, he was captured by the Balists (27 Ⅲ 1943) and conducted in Tirana. After a brief hearing, he was sentenced to death by hanging and the sentence was executed at the Tiran prison. LIT: Dimche Saveski, the Prisoner and revolutionary Ilija Antevski-Smok, Tetovo and Tetovo in NOV 1941-1945, kn. 2. Vl. Iv.

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