ANGELOVSKI, Nikola (Kole) (Skopje, 14. Ⅲ 1943) – drama and film actor and director. He graduated from the Academy of Theater in Belgrade. He has been in the Drama Theater since 1968. He is distinguished by his realizations in dramatic and film comedies, and after Nikolić (Kole) Angelovski, he shows interest in directing plays for children with anthological significance. Significant roles: Sekula ("Jane Zadrogas"); Rugby ("Flea in the Ear"); Additional ("Auditor"). Directors: "Thessaloniki Patricks"; "Chuk, knock Stoyanche"; "Auditor"; "Bash steel"; "Shakespeare in Stories" and others. Cast in films: "Sasha"; "To victory and after her"; "Red Horse"; "Collective Center"; "Macedonian Bloody Wedding", etc. He is the director of the film "Father" ("We Are Cursed Irina") and the "Weekend of the Dead". R. St. Petar Angelovski

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