Lazo Angelovski, a teacher and a revolutionary

ANGELOVSKI, Lazo (v. Grazhdano, Lerinsky, 1925 – Lerin, 1948) – a man of the Macedonian national movement. One of the organizers of the Macedonian education in Aegean Macedonia in the period of the Greek Civil War (1946-1949). He finished primary and secondary education in Greek. In 1944 in Bitola he completed a course in Macedonian language. In 1947 returned to the Aegean part of Macedonia and dedicated himself to the educational activity. In the village. Herman, Prespa, completed the course for Macedonian folk teachers "Goce Delcev". He opened 87 Macedonian schools in which 10,000 students were taught. In 1948 is caught by the Greek authorities, tortured and sentenced to death. Leave a touching pre-literal letter. LIT: Hr. Ristovski, Lazo Angelovski, teacher and revolutionary, Skopje, 2000; S. Kiselinovsky, CPG and the Macedonian national question (1918-1940), Skopje, 1985. Kiss.

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