ANGELOV, Trajche

ANGELOV, Trajche (Veles, 9. Ⅷ 1945) – astrophysicist, ed. prof. (1996) by Star Astronomy and the Structure and Evolution of the Stars of Mat. fact. in Belgrade. He finished astrophysics at PMF in Belgrade (1969). There he got his master's degree (1972) and his PhD (1981) with topics for the stars in the hydrogen reactions stage, that is, with Starry Shell Theory. It explores the structure of the stars, the stability of their atmosphere, and the structure of galaxies. He prepared the textbook "Galactic Star Astronomy". He was the manager of the Institute of Astronomy at PMF in Belgrade (1992-96). He is a member of the Commission on the Structure and Evolution of the Stars of the International Astronomical Union and the Editorial Board of "Bulletin Astronomy de Belgrad". V. Ur.

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