ANGELOV, Alexander

ANGELOV, Aleksandar (Kriva Palanka, 25 Ⅹ 1931 – Skopje, 23. Ⅹ 2000) – dipl. city. Eng., ed. prof. at the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Skopje (1978-1996) on subjects in the field of technical mechanics, strength of materials and the theory of structures. He graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Skopje, where he defended the doctoral dissertation (1973). He specialized in Moscow and Tbilisi (1965-1966). He published several papers in the area of ​​surface carriers and the dynamics of structures, including the book "Theory of Surface Carriers" (1987). He worked intensively on a professional plan as a designer and consultant in the realization of industrial buildings, bridges and concrete dams. He was dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering (1985-1987). Lj. T. Dimitar Angelov-Gaberot

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