ANDREVSKI, Jovan Minev

ANDREVSKI, Jovan Minev (v. Turje, Ohrid 14. Ⅰ 1942) – Lieutenant General, Chief of General Staff of the ARM. He graduated from the Military High School, Military Academy, Command and Staff School of National Defense in JNA. He started as a commander of an engineering company, then performed the duties of the Commander of the Engineer Battalion, Chief of Staff of the Engineers Brigade and Commander of the Engineers Regiment in the JNA. He served in the ARM as the commander of Ⅰ and Ⅲ corps and chief of the GŠ of the ARM (11 Ⅱ 2000 – 16 Ⅵ 2001). He was adviser to the President of the Republic of Macedonia on military matters, and then retired (14. Ⅲ 2002). V. St. Andrey (Damjan) Andreev

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