ANDREEVSKI, Cane (Kratovo, 10. Ⅶ 1930) – poet, short story writer, children writer. Graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy in Skopje. Worked as a journalist and editor at Radio Skopje. Member of the Macedonian Writers' Association since 1957. His poetry is distinguished by confessional and lyric reflexivity. BIB .: Sunny message, poetry for children, Sk., 1951; Strawberries, stories for children, Sk., 1955; Dobrina, poetry, Sk., 1956; What is new poetry for children, Sk., 1959; Festivities, poetry, Sk., 1964; Silver Stream, poetry, Sc., 1969; Links, poetry, Sc., 1982; Conversations with Koneski, Sk., 1991; White Bear, Blue Whale and Others, Poetry and Prose for Children, Sl., 1998; Rain, poetry, Sept. 2007. LIT: Peter T. Boskovski: Poet of kindness, in kn. Essays and Critiques, Matica, 1997. P. Gil. The church "St. Andreja ", Matka near Skopje

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