ANDREEVSKI, Blagoja Dimitrov

ANDREEVSKI, Blagoje Dimitrov (Skopje, 22 Ⅰ 1927) – mechanical engineer. He graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Zagreb (1954). Then he worked at the Chocolate and Cupcake Factory Josip Crach in Zagreb (1954-1955); in the Jugoproekt in Skopje (1955-1962); in the organic-chemical industry “OHIS” – Skopje (1961-1969); at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Skopje (1969-1988). In 1962 he was elected as part-time associate professor, since 1969 he is a full-time worker, then a full-time professor (1978-1988). He received his PhD in 1978. He was dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Skopje (1973-1975). Under his mentoring, he received and received several Masters and PhD candidates. He is the author of the basic textbook on thermodynamics. Scientific and professional field: thermoenergetics and thermotechnics (power plants, refrigeration equipment, geothermal and solar energy, etc.). He is the author of a number of scientific research, design and main projects in the field of thermoeneretics and thermotechnics. An expert from UNIDO from the Federal Institute for International Cooperation – Bel-city was awarded. Fig. A.

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