ANDREEV-RONKA, Bane (Veles, 12. Ⅷ 1905 – Skopje, 3. XI 1980) – communist, prisoner, fighter, politician and statesman. As a member of the SKYJ (1922) and the CPY (1923), he was a member of the MK of SKYJ, the MK of the CPY in Veles, a member of the SCO of Macedonia for the Republic of Macedonia (1924), a delegate and participant at the Conferences of the SKOY for Macedonia, delegate at the Third Congress of SKYJ (1926), etc., after which he was arrested and convicted (August 1926 – May 1927). As a student at the University of Belgrade, he was a member of the SCO's PC for Serbia (November 1927 – June 1928), a candidate member and then co-elected a member of the Central Committee of the SKYJ. He was again arrested (January 1929) and sentenced to 15 years and served his sentence in prisons in Sremska Mitrovica and Lepoglava (January 1929 – July 1941). After returning to Macedonia, he was a political secretary of the CPY of the CPY for Macedonia (September 1941 – May 1942) and a member of the Central Committee of the CPM (28 Ⅱ 1943 – 1948). After the arrest in Bitola (April – June 1943), he was interned in the village of Bogorodica. Shiakovo (Northern Bulgaria) (July – November 1943). After returning he was included as a member (until May 1944), and then a political commissioner of the GŠ of the NOV and POM (June – October 1944). He was a delegate of Ⅰ ASNOM, a member of AVNOJ and the Constituent Assembly, a Minister of Mining in the Government of the SFRY / FNRY and a candidate for a member of the CPY Central Committee. Determining the Resolution of the IB, he was expelled from the CPY (December 1949), but was left to work duties in the SR Serbia until his retirement (1965). He is the "Partisan Monument 1941". BIB: Active party and trade union worker, Kocho Racin in the memories of collaborators, "Culture", Skopje, 1972, 13-126. LIT: History of the Macedonian people, book third, INI, Skopje, 1969; Kiril Razum, Bane Andreev did not decide on Goli Otok, "Nova Makedonija", JLVI, 15536, Skopje, 25. Ⅳ 1990, 11; History of the Macedonian people, Volume 5, INI, Skopje, 2003. S. Ml. Katina Andreeva

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