ANDONOVSKI, Tome (Lazaropole, 5. IX 1940) – geographer. He finished elementary and high school in Bitola, and the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics (Institute of Geography) in 1964. in Skopje. Worked as a professor of geography at the high schools in Debar and Bitola. In 1971 was admitted to the assistant of the Institute of Geography at PMF in Skopje. In 1977 He completed postgraduate studies at the Institute of Geography at PMF in Belgrade, and in 1983 of the Natural-mathematician Tomo Andonovski's Faculty in Skopje defended the doctoral dissertation "Kicevo Valley – geomorphologic studies". He was elected lecturer (1977), Assistant Professor (1984), Associate Professor (1987) and Full Professor (1992). He taught mathematical geography, geomorphology and methodology of teaching in geography. He was the Head of the Geographical Institute, Vice-Dean of the PMF, President of the Association of Geographical Associations of the Republic of Macedonia and General Secretary of the Speleologists of the SFRY. He has published about 50 scientific papers, mainly in the field of geomorphology. BIB .: Kichevska Kotlina – geomorphological studies, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Skopje, 1983; Characteristics of relief in R. Macedonia, "Geographic Views", sc. 30, Skopje, 1995; Geomorphological map of R. Macedonia, "Geographic Views", sc. 32-33, Skopje, 1998.LIT: Vasil Daskalovski, Blagoja Markoski, Prof. Dr. Tome Andonovski (on the occasion of sixty years of life), "Geographic Views", sc. 35, Skopje, 2000. Al. St. Hristo Andonovski

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