ANDONOV, Dicho (village of Lobanitsa, Kostur Region, 1882 – Smrdesh village, Kostur Region, 31 Ⅴ 1903) – Kostur region leader. He finished fifth grade at the Bitola Exarchar Gymnasium, when he became a member of the MRO. Since 1901 is illegal, and since 1903 appointed to the province duke. In the famous struggles in the locality Lokva and Vinarji (the end of Ⅴ 1903), surrounded by the Ottoman army, in order to avoid falling alive in their hands, he committed suicide. LIT: A. Bliznakov, The epic of Lokva and Vinarji, Enclosures for Ilinden 1978, ¶¶, Krusevo, 1979; H. Сил®онов, The Liberation Struggles of Macedoni®, 1 (phototype edition), Sofо®, 1982. Al. Tr. Metodija Andonov-Cento ANDONOV-CHENTO, Metodija

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