It's a Greek andardi

ANDDARTI (end of ⅩⅠⅩ – post. ⅩⅩ v.) – armed troops formed in Greece (from Greeks from Crete, from the Greek state and a small part of Macedonia) and thrown into Macedonia for imposing Greek influence by terrorizing the Macedonian Orthodox population. They were organized by pagan organizations supported by the Greek Government and the Patriarchate of Constantinople, referring to the terrain of the activities of Greek metropolitans in Macedonia. They co-operated with the Ottoman authorities and interacted with their organs of persecution in the shares of Greek Attarthi against the troops of the Macedonian Revolutionary Organization. Massively went after the failure of the Ilinden uprising, when their actions gained the characteristics of external armed aggression in Macedonia. The Arctic counts were coordinated by Greek consulates and bishops. LIT: Krste Bitovski, the Greek "Macedonian Fight", Skopje, 2001; Douglas Dacin, The heifers struck in Macplatoonnewtextsearchedonia 1897-1913, Thessalonica, 1993. Job.

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