ANDAJ, Melih Dzhevdet

ANDAJ, Melih Dzhevdet (Melih Cedet Anadas) (Istanbul, 1920-2000) – a famous poet, novelist, playwright, translator in the Republic of Turkey. He was a professional journalist and columnist in the most circulating newspaper Cumhuriyet. He was a renowned publicist and professor of aesthetics at the State University of Theater in Istanbul. Frequent guest on cultural manifestations held in the Republic of Macedonia. Honorary member of the Macedonian Writers' Association. BIB .: Odd, 1941; The Tree That Lost Peace, 1946; East and West, 1961; Chained Ulysses, 1963; Those inside, 1965; Secret of Command, 1970; Jesus' diary, 1974; New Gods, 1974; Word on language, 1975; A Choice of Contemporary Macedonian Poetry, Istanbul, 1978, A Choice of Poetry in Macedonian Language. A New World, Skopje, 1998.LIT: Macedonian Writers, Sk., 2004; Ahmet Oktas, Zumhurriet Dönemi Edebiatý, Ankara, 1993. A. Ago

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