ANASTASOVSKI, PETAR (Skopje, 16. XI 1930 – Skopje, 26. Ⅹ 2004) – physicist, ed. prof. (1979) on Tech-Met. ф. He graduated (1959) and received his doctorate (1965) at PMF with the subject of "Ferrite microwave lens with variable focal length and Doppler effect with a virtual source of electromagnetic radiation". He specialized in the Swedish company Erikson and the University of Sheffield. The PMF introduced the subject Electronics. He taught for high frequency plasma, lasers and their application at the University of Newcastle and Chico, California. He is the author of "The Theory of Magnetics and Electrochemistry Susceptibility for Optical Fluency" and "Lion's Mass Theory Compatible with Love Field Fields" (with TM Benson), New Scientist Publishers, New York, 1990 and 1995; "Supermineral relativity relathed to nuclareful forces and struc tures", Tsulturl Lieff, Skopje, 1998 and "Philosophy or Scientificism", Macedonian Book, Skopje, 1989. As the first president of the Energy Committee of the SRM (1979-1982), he organized his work and influenced the development of Macedonia in that regard. He was an advisor at the Institute of Nuclear Sciences in Vinča (Serbia) and dean of Tech-Met. ф. in Skopje (1973-75). LIT: 60 years Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics – Skopje, Skopje, 2006, p. 196. V. Ur.

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