ANASTASOV-GRECHETO, Ivan (Melnik, 1880 – 1905) – drama voir at TMORO. He was a teacher in the village. Ilumenets, Petrichko, where Goce Delchev included him in the ranks of TMORO (1899) and acted as the organizer of the Organization in Petrich, Poroi, Demir Hisar and Strumica. He was a member of the Communist Party in more than a decade and took part in the Ilinden uprising as a voicemail in the Drama. He died in battle with the Ottoman army. He left memories of the revolutionary activity (1904). IZV. Memories of Jane Sandanski, Sava Mihailov, Hristo Kuslev, Ivan Anastasov-Grceto, Skopje, 1951; Materials for the history of the Macedonian Liberation Movement, Kn. 7, Sophie, 1927; The liberation movement in Macedoni and Odrinskoye. Memories and materials. From the "general L." Miletic, vol. 2, Sophie®, 1983 (phototype). S. Ml.

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