ANASTASOV, Gligor (Kavadarci, 1877 – Sofia,?) – lawyer, MP. He graduated from the Exarchish Primary School in Kavadarci, a gymnasium in Thessaloniki, and the Faculty of Law in Zagreb (1902). He was a lawyer in Kavadarci and Skopje. After the First World War, he was the district chief of Kavadarci, a member of the National Assembly of the Kingdom of SSS (1920-1927) for the Tikves region, he formed a Macedonian parliamentary group (1923). With D. Shalev and D. Iliev petitioned the Society of Nations in Geneva to protect the "Bulgarian minority in Yugoslavia" (1930) and emigrated to Bulgaria. LIT: Revolutionary struggles in Tikvesh. Memories and materials, book 2, Skopje, 2001; Voislav D. Kushevski, the Macedonian Question in the Society of the Peoples, Skopje, 2001. Z. Todd. Ivan Anastasov

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