ANASTASIUS, Mikhail (the Macedonian) (Negush, 70-ies of ⅩⅤⅠⅠ v. – Moscow, 1725) – a socialist, a hieromonk. He studied medicine in Halle. Due to the knowledge of the Greek and Slavic languages, between 1713 and 1715 was an-founder of Moscow as the 5th member of the Commission for Translation of the Bible in Russian. Signed: Anastasius Michaelis Naousius Macadonius. LIT: Eduard Ninter, Die Pflege der Unst-Sudslawschchen Spatchen in Halle im 18. Jahrhunderth, Deuschke academy der Nursenschaften for Berlin, Verhofenthlitzhungen des Instituts für Slavistik heerausgebben van H. H. Bielefeld, But. 5, Berlin, 1954. Zdr. Vasko Anastasov

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