ANARCHIST GROUPS AND ORGANIZATIONS in Macedonia – groups and circles that appeared before the end of ⅩⅠⅩ v. influenced by anarchism from Western Europe and nihilism and anarchism from Russia. In 1898 from Geneva returned to Macedonia Peter Mandzhukov and Slave Merdzhanov and formed anarchist circles in Thessaloniki from students from the Thessaloniki Exarchate Gymnasium, and in Skopje from among the students of the Exarchate Pedagogical School. The Skopje anarchist circle spread the ideas of anarchism by conspiracy breaking up the material entitled "The ABC of Anarchist Learning". Prior to the Ilinden Uprising, a group of revolutionary supporters of the individual struggle, known as "gemidzhi", who performed the Thessaloniki assassinations (28. Ⅳ – 1. Ⅴ 1903), were active. The conspiratory socialist anarchist circle in Thessaloniki (1911-1912) under the name International Balkan Revolutionary Association "Red Brothers" published its lithograph newspaper "Far". Organized groups also existed in Kukush, Strumica, Kumanovo and Kratovo. On the issue of Macedonia, they opened the "Open Letter" (1911) to the Government and to the press in the city of Sofia, Sofia, Belgrade and Athens. In the Provisional Representation of the former VMRO (1919) a group of supporters of anarchist-Bolshevik ideas was presented. In 1946 In NRM a conspiratorial group was discovered, with its leadership, which itself was called anarchists. LIT: Peter Mandzhukov, The precursors to the storm. Memoirs, 1, Skopje, 1997; Manol Pandevski, Socialist-Anarchist Circle. Red brothers in Macedonia in 1911-1912; – The Workers' Movement in Macedonia until 1929, Skopje, 1971; Mihajlo Minoski, Aviv Yugoslavia and the Macedonian national question (1943-1946), Skopje, 2000. Min. St. Anastasius (Spaso) Radovishki

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