ANANIEV, Jovan (village of Rathavitsa, ProbiStipsko, 29. Ⅷ 1947 – Strumica, 17. Ⅴ 2003) – archaeologist from the Institute and Museum in Strumica. He managed the systematic research and conservation of the thermal spas in Bansko near Strumica (1978-2003) and with the excavations of the spacious necropolis of the Vodoča churches complex – "St. Leontius "in the village. Vodoca near Strumica Jovan Ananiev (1979-2003). He is the author of about twenty papers in the area of ​​late-ancient and medieval archeology, sphagistics and numismatics. BIB .: Turkish Bath – Fair – Roman Terme, "AR", 27 (1986), Lyubljana, 1987; Byzantine prints on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia, 6 th ISBS, Veliki Preslav, 1978. El. M.

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