The Antique Theater in Ohrid

AMPHYTEATRAL GAMES IN MACEDONIA. They took place in the great cities within the ancient theaters after the arrival of the Romans. In Stobi and Skupi the orchestras served as an arena by raising a protective fence or a wall placed in the first row of the theater. In Herakleya, during the theater construction, the double purpose was planned: for performing theater performances and for amphitheatrical games, by incorporating cages for animals within the auditorium. As in Heraclea, the Lychnidos had a dual role in the Lichnid, but it was probably widened in Hadrian's time by breaking down the first nine seats, when a solid wall was erected to the viewer and cages were placed in the animal. It is considered that in Macedonia only the "venathies" games, that is the struggle of gladiators with animals, were accepted in this party. V. B.-Gr. Alexander Valentinovich Amphitheatres

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