AMINTA Ⅰ (540-498 BC) – Macedonian king of the Argead dynasty, son of Alketa. In the beginning it ruled Pieria and Botiia, conquered the area along the delta of Axios and Western Mygdonia (the Anathemunta area) to the northern border of the state, Sq. Disor. There are good political and trade relations with the Pismatists of Athens. After the campaign of Darius against Scythia, Macedonia is forced to recognize the Persian power; Persian military leader Megabaz sends seven Persian MPs to seek "land and water" for Darius (Herodotus); At the banquet of Aminta's son, Alexander, he killed the Persians because they also asked for women, which was contrary to Macedonian customs. LIT: Herodotus: I-IV, 4 Wals., Loeb Clyssalal Libras, Harvard University Press, 1961; Heroes, History. Prev. D. Chadikov, Skopje, 1998. A. Shuk.

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