ALUSHEVSKI, Ilija (v. Gjavato, Bitola, 1928 – Bitola, 8 Ⅱ 2004) – high school professor, folklorist. As a pupil at the "Miladinov Brothers" School in Bitola, he started collecting Macedonian folklore and made several notes at the Folklore Festival in Bitola (1947) and the Youth Work Alushevski on the action "Mavrovo". After completing the Teacher Training School (1948/1949), he studied at the Higher Pedagogical School in Skopje and was one of the first members of the State Ensemble of Folk Songs and Dance "Tanec". After graduation, he was an expert associate at the Institute of Folklore in Skopje (1. Ⅱ – 31. Ⅻ 1953), an educated worker in Kocani, Shtip, Smilevo and Bitola, continuing the collection activity, and part of the collected material was published in the daily and periodical press and in two collections. He has a special contribution in the activity of KUD "Stif Naumov", KUD "Ilinden", KUD "Aleksandar Turuncev", KUD "Goce Delchev" and KUD "Dame Gruev" from Bitola and KUD "Stiv Naumov" from the village. Logovardi. He was one of the initiators of the establishment of the Festival of folk songs and games "Ilinden days" in Bitola. He retired as a professor at the Secondary Technical School in Bitola. BIB: It's crazy, crazy (folk songs), Bitola, 1990; Tsvilit pony in the mountain green (folk songs), Bitola, 1994. LIT: Pande Manoylov, Ilija Alushevski 1928-2004, "Attachments", Ⅱ, 3-4, Bitola, 2004, 209-210. S. Ml.

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