ALOCHTONES-EXTOTIC SPECIES OF TREES AND DROPS -. (Greek exotics – countries, exterior) – trees transmitted from other parts of the world (continents) to be grown and used outside of their natural habitat. Unlike the autochthonous (domestic) species, the exotics in the new homeland do not grow an arbiter-Adapted tree in Macedonia (Abies conncollor Lindl.). The introduction of exotics in Macedonia, systematically and on a scientific basis, began after World War II, when wood species were imported for commercial and horticultural purposes. Over the past sixty years, some of the commercial uses have adapted well and show excellent results in terms of wood mass production and are imposed as very important for forest operations. Among the more important are Abies Soncolor Lindl, Abies granis Lindl, Abies nordmanian Spacc., Tsalotsedrus descurrants Torr., Cedrus Atlantis Manus, Cedrus deodora Loed., Cedrus Lebanese., Chhametzsparis Langsonian Pearl., Cappressus Arizona Greenland, Cuprissum sempervirrens L., Fraginus Ameritzana L., Ginkgo biloba L., Yuglans nigra L., Laryge decidua DC., Picea pungens Eng., Pinus brutia Tan., Pinus ezzelsa Vall., Pinus maritima mill., Pinus montitzola Dougl., Pi- by Strobus L., Pseudotswaga Menciezia Franco, Robinia pseudocatsia L., Seleyoadendron gigantium Endl., Sophora Japonics L., Laurence L. L., L. Rocher L., Ulmus Pumilla L. LIT: Aleksandar Andonoski, Introduction of economically important forest trees in Macedonia, in: Proceedings of the Council for management of the nakedness. Al. And. Alpine vegetation in the Republic of Macedonia

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