ALIU, Ali Ferik

ALIU, Ali Ferik (Ali Ferik Aliu) (village Krani, Prespa, 1. Ⅳ 1934) – essayist, critic, literary theorist, translator, professor, academician. He finished elementary school in Bitola, Teacher School in Skopje and graduated from the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade. He received his PhD on "Literary work of Petro Marco" at the University of Pristina. Worked as a journalist and editor in "Nova Makedonija", as well as in the magazines "Mlad Borec", "Flaka" and "Jehona". Since 1972 is engaged as a lecturer and professor in the subjects Theory of Literature and Co-Ali Aliu, a time-consuming Albanian literature at the Faculty of Philology at Pristina University. He is a member of KANU, MANU out of the working structure, as well as the DPM (1975). He deals with literary criticism and essay writing and is one of the most prominent Albanian literary critics. He writes critical reviews of works of Macedonian, Balkan and world literature. BIB .: Research, 1971; The Time and the Creator, 1975; Four novels by Petro Marko, 1979; Literary Studies, 1982; Theory of Literature, 1984; Don Kishoti Ndshr Schliptops, 1998; Reflex leteur, 1999; Anthology of Contemporary Albanian Poetry, 2000; Don Kishoti ndshr skiljptarsh, 2000; Don Quixote among the Albanians, 2003. A. P.

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