ALEKSOVSKI, Dushko (village Topolovich, Kratovo, 1948) – philologist, professor of French language. He finished elementary school and gymnasium in Kratovo, and Faculty of Philosophy (Romanian Philology) in Skopje. He first worked as a French language professor in Kratovo, then graduated (1976) and received his PhD at the Franz Conte University in Paris on the topic "Romain Roland in Yugoslavia". In Kratovo he founded the Society for Science and Art and the Macedonian Center for Rock Art (1992). BIB: Killed to live, Kratovo, 1985 (co-authored); Foreign words in the Kratovo region, Kratovo, 1985; Toponymy of the Kratovo Region, Kratovo, 1986; The connections of Romain Rollan with Yugoslavia, Kratovo, 1986; Dr. Pavel was in folk songs, Kratovo, 1995. LIT: B. Burnazovsky, The beginnings of world literacy. Significant archaeological researches. "Nova Makedonija", JLVIII, 16317, Skopje, 26. 1992, 10-11. S. Ml. ALEKSOVSKI-KARCE, Boris

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