ALEKSIC, Vasilka Dimitrova

ALEKSIC, Vasilka Dimitrova (Prilep, 30th XI 1938) – Full professor (1987) at PMF (Institute of Chemistry). Graduated (1961) as the first-born of the generation of the PMF Chemistry Group and Ph.D. (1974) also at the Faculty of Chemistry in Skopje. He has been teaching a number of courses for chemistry students, but also at other faculties in Skopje and in Vranje. Scientific work $ is the field of organic synthesis. She published her papers (about 40) mainly in domestic journals and collections. She presented 40 announcements at scientific gatherings. She was a Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry. Retiring from 2001 LIT: Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics – Skopje, 1946-1996, Skopje, 1996, 211; 60 years Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics – Skopje, Skopje, 2006, 230. B. w. V. "Our Word" / "Our List" / "Our Voice", edited by Dejan Aleksic (1939 & 1941)

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