ALEKSIC, Dejan (Skopje, 21 Ⅵ 1914 – Belgrade, 2001) – Lawyer, political actor, journalist and publicist. He graduated from the Faculty of Law in Belgrade, where he actively participated in the Macedonian Student Movement as a member of the Cultural and Educational Society "Vardar" and MANAPO. He was a member of the CPY (since 1939), editor-in-chief of the c. "Our Word" (Skopje, 1939-1941) with texts and in Macedonian language. At the same time, he was a member of the City Red Relief Committee (from the end of 1939) and president of the law apprentices at the Skopje Bar Association (from 21 Ⅲ 1941). In the time of NOAVM he was a member of the Local Military Staff of the Kumanovo Organization of the CPY (September-October 1941). After the breakup of the Kumanovo Partisan Detachment (October 1941), he was arrested in Skopje, but was arrested by the Bulgarian police, handed over to the Nedichevci, and was held at the Glavnjaca and Ada Ciganlija prisons in Belgrade (until the end of 1942). After the release he was a journalist at c. "Nova Makedonija" (from the end of 1944), acting director of the Government Information Office of the People's Republic of Macedonia (1948-1949) and the representative office of "Tanjug" in Skopje, and then the editor of Tanjug's foreign policy in Belgrade (since 1947). He has published a rich publicistic activity. BIB: How we published the newspaper "Our Word", "Nova Makedonija", Ⅻ, 3654, Skopje, 2. Ⅷ 1956, 7; Three demonstrations in Skopje, "Nova Makedonija", ⅩⅤ, 4518, 12. Ⅱ 1959, 2; "Our Word" 1939-1959, "Nova Makedonija", ⅩⅤ, 4530-4532, 26-28. Ⅱ 1959; MANAPO, "Nova Makedonija", ⅩⅤ, 4580, 25. Ⅳ 1959, 4; First edition in free Skopje, "Nova Makedonija", DJV, 8181, 29. Ⅹ 1969, 13; "Our Word" – an important factor in the history of the progressive press in Macedonia, "13 November", Ⅷ, 8, Skopje, 1969, 22; March events in Skopje, Skopje at NOV 1941, Skopje, 1973, 95-118; Preparations for armed uprising in Kumanovo and Kumanovo, Kumanovo and Kumanovo in NOV 1941-1942, Kumanovo, 1979, 576-601; Our Word 1939-194. From the History of the Advanced Press in Macedonia, Skopje, 1980; March events in Macedonia – strong clashes in the struggle for the basic rights of the Macedonian people, "Talk", Ⅷ, 21-22, Kumanovo, 1981, 10-29; what and how we wrote about the economic problems of the Tikvesh in "Our Word", the Tikvesh in NOV 1941-1945, kn. first, the Tikvesh between the two world wars, Kavadarci-Negotino, 1983, 241-249; Straso Pindzur – Revolutionary and Communist, Tikveshi in NOV 1941-1945, kn. Seventh, Straso Pindzur National Hero, Kavadarci-Negotino, 1985, 35-56; Dusko Popovic-Gjoko, Skopje, 1985; 40th anniversary of the formation of the brigade "Jane Sandanski", "Talk", ⅩⅪ, 33-34, Kumanovo, 1985, 64-68. LIT: Miter Inadeški, Chronology of Skopje. The Workers' and People's Liberation Movement 1939-1945, Second book, Skopje, 1974; Kumanovo and Kumanovo in NOV 1941-1942, (Materials from the Scientific Assembly held on December 12, 13 and 14 December 1978), Kumanovo, December 1979. Ml. Aco Aleksov

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