ALEKSANDROV, Todor (Novo Selo, Stipsko, 4. Ⅲ 1881 – v. Sugarevo, Melnicko, Pirin part of Macedonia, 31. Ⅷ 1924) – one of the leaders of VMRO. He graduated from the Pedagogical School in Skopje (1898), when he joined the TMORO. He was a teacher and head of the local committees in Kocani, Vinica, Kratovo, Novo Selo and Stip, the secretary of the commander of the Shtip military duo Misha Razvigorov (1905) and the Kocani district commander Simeon Georgiev Kocanski (1907), district duke Todor Aleksandrov to the Skopje Revolutionary District (1907), member of the Central Committee of WMORO (1911), member of the Ⅲ Macedonian Brigade headquarters in the Balkan Wars and in the headquarters of the partisan unit of the Ⅲ brigade of the XI Macedonian Division in the First World War. After the war, together with Protogerov and P. Chaulev renewed the organization under the name VMRO (1919) and in 1920 strengthened it in the Pirin part of Macedonia, where he created an organizational and military base and from there he restored the armed Chetnik actions in the Vardar region of Macedonia. He acted against the policy of the A. A. Stamboliski for rapprochement with the Kingdom of SCS. He signed the May Manifesto to unify the Macedonian revolutionary forces in the only Macedonian revolutionary front (1924), but (before the murder) publicly renounced his signature. IZV. ILIT: Central State Archive, Sofia, Fund 396-Macedonian Internal Revolutionary Organization, op. 2, a. is. 2, l. 24-25; Deco Dobrinov, The Last King of the Mountains. Biographical sketch for Todor Aleksandrov 1881-1924, Sofia, 1992; Todor Aleksandrov, Life is a legend. Composer Tsoco V. Billarski, Sofia, 1991; Todor Alexandrov. Watch for Macedonia. Documents 1919-1924. Selection, Preface and Editorial Prof. Zoran Todorovski PhD, Skopje, 2005. З. Todd. Tommy Alexandrovsky

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