ALBANIAN, Atanas Jakimov

ALANSKI, Atanas Jakimov (village Gorno Elovtsi, Gostivar, 1880 – Sofia, 30th of 1943) – Tetovo voivoda, member of the Skopje District Revolutionary Committee. He finished the Pedagogical School in Skopje, taught in Tetovo. He participated in the Ilinden Uprising as a voivode in a company in Tetovo and Gostivar. He was secretary of the commander of the Commander-in-Chief Vanco Srbakov (1904) and of the Duke Ivan Naumov-Alabakot (1907). From 1928 to 1934 was a proxy of the Central Committee of the VMRO in Petrich. LIT: G. Pophristov, Revolutionary struggle in the Bitola region, Sophie®, 1953; H. Silvnov, The Liberation Struggles of Macedoni®, ¶¶, 62, Sophie®, 1983. Al. Tr.

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