Aladzakov, Lazar

ALAZAJKOV, Lazar (Smokvitsa village, Gevgelisko, 17. Ⅲ 1918) – agronomist, full professor. at the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Food in Skopje. He finished high school in Kragujevac, Yugoslavia (1937/1938). He graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture in Sofia (1942). After graduation he worked as an agronomist in Berovo and Bujanovac, and then at the Agricultural Institute in Skopje, where he is head of the Department of Gardening (1945-1954). He received his PhD at the Faculty of Agriculture in Zagreb (1961) on the topic: "Let a master's likeness to a lady (L. Esculentum Mill.)". He was elected Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Agriculture in Skopje (1954), and then for an associate and full professor. He retired in 1982 Specializations: in the Institute of Vegetable Crops in Plovdiv, Bulgaria (1948), in the Netherlands and in England (1958) and in Italy (1966). He was mentor of several domestic and foreign PhD students and masters. He has participated in several scientific symposia in the country and abroad. He has published numerous scientific and expert papers in the field of gardening. D. J.

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